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About Kramer & Herbeck Law Offices

Robin Kramer and Matt Herbeck are Illinois Bar-Certified attorneys licensed to practice law in The Land of Lincoln. Robin Kramer is also licensed to practice in the state of Alabama. Kramer & Herbeck Law Offices have been closing  real estate transactions in the Greater Chicagoland area on behalf of individuals and corporations for nearly two decades. Our main practice areas include real estate and estate planning.

Real Estate

With many steps in the home buying and selling process, we want everything to go as smoothly as possible for you. At Kramer & Herbeck, we understand that a real estate closing is one of the largest financial transactions and biggest milestones in a lifetime. With all the moving parts and multiple parties involved, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and moving forward together.


As experienced real estate attorneys, Kramer and Herbeck are here to answer all your real estate questions and guide you through the real estate transaction process towards a successful closing. To secure a smooth home buying or selling transaction, we provide expertise and professional guidance, clear communication, and experienced negotiation skills to bring confidence and success for each one of our clients. From the major steps down to the fine print, Kramer and Herbeck are here to help you reach this exciting milestone in the realm of real estate. 

Estate Planning

Kramer & Herbeck Law Offices also offer you our service, expertise, and guidance in areas of estate planning. We understand the importance of planning a future that provides security and stability for your family and loved ones. At Kramer & Herbeck, we will help you determine a solid strategy and create a tailored plan of how your estate will be administered upon death or incapacitation. It will be a plan in which you and your loved ones feel confident and secure. Your plan will be highly customized based on your intentions. If your estate plan includes a trust, Kramer & Herbeck will aid in transferring assets to the trust. Everyone's situations are different. We recognize this and take the time to ask many questions that boilerplate trusts or wills don't always address.


Our services include creating wills, trusts, healthcare powers of attorneys, and financial powers of attorneys.

To learn more about our practice areas, visit Real Estate and Estate Planning.

Contact us today for any of your real estate or estate planning questions. Our initial consultations are free of charge.

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