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Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is solely about people. A well-designed and executed estate plan protects you and your loved ones in times of loss, transition or turmoil. A thorough estate plan details what happens to
you, your loved ones, and your assets in the event you become incapacitated or die. Without this type of planning in place, you have no say in who makes decisions regarding yourself and your assets.


Worse yet, in the event of your death, the state you live in will distribute your assets based upon state law. Not having an estate plan in place often time leads to severe and heartbreaking consequences. We are constantly shocked at the number of people who have no estate planning measures in place.

Do I Need Estate Planning?

If you own a home, have other assets or possessions, have children or step-children, are married or about to be married, are divorced, have pets, or own a business, you are a candidate for an estate plan.

Even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, keep in mind that you have over a 30% chance that you will become mentally or physically incapacitated during your lifetime. Once you become totally incapacitated, you can no longer sign legal documents, sell your home, and manage your money.

You lose control over having your intentions fulfilled by failing to plan for death or incapacitation. You don’t want to burden your loved ones with the time and expense of going to court to advocate on your behalf in probate court, or a guardianship proceeding regarding you or your children.

We Will Help you

At Kramer & Herbeck Law Offices, we will help you determine a solid strategy and create a tailored plan of how your estate will be administered upon death or incapacitation. It will be a plan in which you and your loved ones feel confident and secure. Your plan will be highly customized based on your intentions. If your estate plan includes a trust, Kramer & Herbeck will aid in transferring assets to the trust. Everyone's situations are different. We recognize this and take the time to ask many questions that boilerplate trusts or wills don't always address.

Our services include creating wills, trusts, healthcare powers of attorneys and financial powers of attorneys.

Contact us today to determine the plan that is right for you. Our initial consultations are free of charge.

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