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Meet The Attorneys

Matt Herbeck - Partner


Since the age of 12, Matt knew he wanted to be an attorney. He loved movies that were trial-based and in courtroom settings. Matt's Grandma, who was one of his biggest supporters, recorded for him the 1957 American courtroom film, “12 Angry Men.” It was that movie in particular that made a lasting impact on young Herbeck.

Matt was also quite the athlete and sports enthusiast. There wasn’t a game Matt didn’t know and love. Growing up, two of his all-time favorite sports were golf and tennis. At the age of 15, Matt's parents signed him up for tennis lessons at a local indoor tennis club, and that’s when he met Robin Kramer. Robin was a tennis pro there, and Matt soon learned that she also loved the sport of golf. Not only that, Robin was an attorney. With Robin as his coach, mentor, and role model, young Herbeck became even more inspired and driven to pursue a career in law. 

Matt completed his undergraduate studies at Miami University where he earned two Bachelor Degrees in Political Science and Spanish. He was also the assistant coach on the Miami Women's Division 1 Tennis Team. From there, Matt pursued his law degree at the University of Dayton. After a few years of working as a legal aid, intern, and clerk, Matt passed the Illinois State Bar. He began looking for his first official opportunity as a licensed attorney, and that’s when fate stepped in. He happened to reach out to Robin for some career advice and guidance. At the time, Robin had a growing real estate practice, and her firm was in need of a hard-working attorney. The relationship that started many years earlier on the tennis court, came full circle. Today, Matt and Robin are partners of Kramer & Herbeck Law Offices.

Matt’s responsibilities as Partner include managing all closing documents and files from 30-days to close, overseeing all buyer and seller deals and closings, and handling debt negotiation. Matt is a sharp negotiator with great communication skills, and he has the keen insight and efficiency to accelerate the real estate transaction process for his clients and all parties involved.

Outside of his work life, Matt loves spending time with his wife, Jenny. They like going to country music concerts, comedy clubs, and love to travel whenever they can. Puerto Vallarta is one of their all-time favorite destinations. He also likes hanging out with family and friends, especially when it involves a sporting event. Matt is still a big sports enthusiast who likes to watch, support, and participate in all kinds of sports. He has always been a big Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks fan, and golf and tennis are still his favorite sports to play. In addition, Matt is a league bowler at Suburbanite Bowl, plays indoor and outdoor ice hockey, takes up softball in the summers, is a licensed fitness-trainer in boxing, and he can really tear up the dance floor at weddings. And once in a while he gets his viola out to reminisce about the days when he was second chair. “Life is a game. Not necessarily to be competitive, but to always play to the best of your ability.” – Matt Herbeck

To paint the picture of Matt's endurance and love for sports: When he was 15, he and his best friend Matt, rode their bikes three miles to Suburbanite Bowl, bowled 36 games each, and rode their bikes three miles back, in which they picked up their golf clubs and headed on over to Oak Brook Hills Golf course, where they proceeded to play 18 holes. Then they went home and finished off their day with a few games of chess. Matt was also taught the importance of saving money. The entire day didn't cost a dime either, and good thing he had a best friend who loved sports too. Matt and Matt are still best friends today.


Robin Kramer - Partner

At the age of five, Robin started playing tennis. She has had incredible success as both a player and a coach. Robin has won two United States Tennis Association national championships. She has also coached six high school state championship tennis teams. Robin’s successful tennis career has always been about perseverance, tenacity and overcoming adversity. These same traits are why Robin has had so much success for her clients.


Robin has always enjoyed real estate, and that is why she started the Law Offices of Robin Kramer in 2004.

Her practice is focused on helping her clients negotiate and close a wide variety of real estate transactions. With so many parties involved in these types of transactions, even the simplest residential real estate transaction requires great skill and expertise to close.

With over nineteen years of legal experience, attorney Robin Kramer has focused her practice on residential real estate transactions for over a decade. Robin obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Indiana University. She obtained her Juris Doctorate from John Marshall Law School of Chicago. Robin spent eight years as a tough-minded litigator for a worker’s compensation firm before deciding to open her own law firm.

Robin constantly stays up to date on all of the current real estate laws and trends. She has successfully negotiated and closed over 150 short sales. Her expertise has been recognized as she has appeared on the John Williams Radio Program on WGN radio as a short sale expert. Robin also routinely serves as a guest speaker at short sale and foreclosure seminars. Moreover, Robin recognizes that many lenders are shifting their short sale negotiations to the Equator internet platform. Robin is well versed in Equator.

Robin is dedicated to making sure all parties involved are fully informed and prepared in regards to your transaction to avoid last minute issues that may delay closing.

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